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DE file number : 60 2007 056 020.9 (Status: pending/in force, Query started: April 16, 2024)

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Master data
Type of IP rightSARTPatent
StatusSTPending/in force
21DE file number DAKZ60 2007 056 020.9
96EP file numberEAKZ07 75 3881.7
86WO file numberWAKZPCT/US2007/007291
97EP publication numberEPN2002597
87WO publication numberWPN2007109366
51IPC main classICM
G06F 21/73 (2013.01)
51IPC secondary class(es)ICS
G06F 21/88 (2013.01)
22DE application dateDATMar 20, 2007
96EP application dateEATMar 20, 2007
86WO application dateWATMar 20, 2007
43Date of first publicationOTSep 27, 2007
Date of publication of grantPETSep 5, 2018
71/73Applicant/ownerINHAbsolute Software Corp., Vancouver, BC, CA
72InventorINGARDNER, Philip, B., Woodbury, MN 55125, US; VOLODARETS, Victor, New Westminster, B.C. V3M 6N9, CA
74RepresentativeVTRBeck & Rössig European Patent Attorneys, 81925 München, DE
Address for service Beck & Rössig European Patent Attorneys, 81925 München, DE
Foreign priorityPRC
784195 P
Mar 20, 2006
Foreign priorityPRC
Mar 20, 2006
Due dateFT
Mar 31, 2025
Annual fee for the 19th year Patent fees
Patent division in charge 53
97EP language of publicationELANGEN - Englisch
84Designated EP contracting statesEDSAT, BE, BG, CH, CY, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, IE, IS, IT, LI, LT, LU, LV, MC, MT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SE, SI, SK, TR
81Designated WO countriesWDSBY, GD, LS, LT, MG, MN, MW, NZ, SD, SG, TR, US, SI, GQ, SN, AE, AL, BH, CA, CH, CZ, EG, ES, GE, IS, KE, KN, KP, LR, NG, PH, RS, BF, AM, BB, DZ, EE, KG, LU, MA, MX, MZ, NI, VN, EP, BE, FR, IT, CF, GN, TD, TG, FI, GT, HR, KM, KR, LC, MD, MY, NA, OM, SY, TJ, TN, TZ, CY, GR, MR, NE, BZ, DK, DM, HU, IL, NO, PG, PT, SE, TT, ZA, ZM, ZW, IE, LV, MC, CG, GA, AT, BA, BG, CN, CO, DE, GB, GM, MK, RO, RU, SC, SV, UG, UZ, MT, BJ, CM, AP, EA, AU, BR, BW, CU, HN, ID, IN, JP, LA, PL, SL, SM, TM, UA, VC, CI, AG, AZ, CR, EC, GH, KZ, LK, LY, SK, NL, OA, GW, ML, SZ
Published EP/WO documentsEPWOPNOriginal document: EP000002002597
Searchable text: EP000002002597
Original document: EP000002002597B1
Searchable text: EP000002002597B1
Original document: WO002007109366
Searchable text: WO002007109366
43Date of first publicationEVTSep 27, 2007
Date of the first transfer into DPMAregisterEREGTMay 26, 2011
Date of the (most recent) update in DPMAregisterREGTApr 6, 2024
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Procedural data
No. Kind of procedure Legal status Date of legal/procedural status Date of legal/procedural status sorted ascending Date of first publication Display all details
1 Procedure relating to PCT application WO first publication without search report Sep 27, 2007   Display details
2 Procedure relating to PCT application WO publication Sep 27, 2007   Display details
3 Procedure relating to EP application EPO 1st publication Dec 17, 2008   Display details
4 Publications Publication of a mention regarding EP 1st publication by DPMA Jan 29, 2009 Jan 29, 2009 Display details
5 Change of classification Change of IPC main class Sep 25, 2017   Display details
6 Procedure relating to EP application EPO publication of mention regarding patent grant (beginning of opposition period) Sep 5, 2018   Display details
7 Publications Publication by DPMA of mention regarding EP patent grant Oct 4, 2018 Oct 4, 2018 Display details
8 Procedure relating to EP application No opposition to patent grant filed, or opposition proceedings at EPO completed without decision Jun 6, 2019 Aug 29, 2019 Display details