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DE file number : 10 2022 102 115.7 (Status: pending/in force, Query started: December 7, 2023)

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Type of IP rightSARTPatent
StatusSTPending/in force
21DE file number DAKZ10 2022 102 115.7
54Designation/titleTIRadaufhängung, eine Achse sowie ein Fahrzeug
51IPC main classICM
B60G 3/20 (2006.01)
22DE application dateDATJan 31, 2022
43Date of first publicationOTAug 3, 2023
71/73Applicant/ownerINHDr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft, 70435 Stuttgart, DE
72InventorINSchulz, Achim, Dr., 75223 Niefern-Öschelbronn, DE
10Published DE documentsDEPNOriginal document: DE102022102115A1PDF
Searchable text: DE102022102115A1PDF
Address for service Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft, 71283 Weissach, DE
Due dateFT
Jan 31, 2024
Annual fee for the 3rd year
Patent division in charge 21
43Date of first publicationEVTAug 3, 2023
Number of official communications (office actions) 0
Number of responses 0
Date of the first transfer into DPMAregisterEREGTAug 3, 2023
Date of the (most recent) update in DPMAregisterREGTAug 3, 2023
(Show all update days)(Hide all update days)Aug 3, 2023
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No. Kind of procedure Legal status Date of legal/procedural status Date of legal/procedural status sorted ascending Date of first publication Display all details
1 Pre-registration procedure The application is under preliminary examination Jan 31, 2022   Display details
2 Examination procedure Request for examination effectively filed Jan 31, 2022   Display details
3 Pre-registration procedure Pre-registration procedure has been concluded Feb 17, 2022   Display details
4 Publications Publication of application (Offenlegungsschrift) Aug 3, 2023 Aug 3, 2023 Display details