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Die in den "Daten aus dem internationalen Register der WIPO (ohne Gewähr)" benannten Warenklassen und die Waren/Dienstleistungen enthalten die in der Anmeldung genannten Daten.

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Bestandsart EU Schutz bewilligt
220Anmeldetag EUAT03.12.2012
151Tag der Eintragung im Register EUET03.12.2013
450Tag der Veröffentlichung EUVT07.02.2013
Daten aus dem internationalen Register der WIPO (ohne Gewähr)
540MarkendarstellungMDMünchen 1972
Registrierungsbehörde WO
Ursprungsbehörde CH
Nummer der Anmeldung 1145436
180Erwartetes AblaufdatumVED03.12.2032
270Sprache FR


Registrierungsdatum: 15.11.2012
Registrierungsnummer: 637235
Anzeige des Wortbestandteils Ja
Beanspruchte Farben Nicht farbig
Prioritätsbehörde: CH
Prioritätsnummer: 637235
Prioritätsdatum: 15.11.2012
732InhaberINHComité International Olympique, Château de Vidy CH-1007 Lausanne, CH
740VertreterVTRBird & Bird LLP, Marienstraße 15 60329 Frankfurt am Main, DE
Schutzdauer 10
540WortbestandteileMDMünchen 1972
531Bildklasse(n)WBK24.11, 24.11.18, 24.11.25, 26.01, 26.01.05, 26.11, 26.11.07
Markenform Internationale MarkenIRMFBildmarke
551Markenkategorie Internationale MarkenIRMKIndividualmarke
511Waren/Dienstleistungen gemäß der Nizzaer KlassifikationWDVVersion der Klassifikation: 10

Klasse(n) 09: Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; computer software; fire-extinguishing apparatus; protective helmets for sports; glasses, sunglasses, sports goggles; computer game software; fuel distribution equipment, namely electric fuel-level gauges, control valves for regulating gas flow and fuel lines; automated systems for service-station management comprising operating software for calibrated fuel pumps, flow control panels, fuel lines and pump nozzles for refueling of land vehicles, marine vehicles and aircraft; gas meters; on-board and roadside signaling and communication systems, train inspection systems, crossing notification systems, apparatus for electric control of switching; GPS tracking and monitoring systems forthe transit and railway industries; electrical distribution devices and products, namely capacitors, circuit breakers, circuit-breaker patch boards, circuit closers, contact breakers, commutators, contactors, current rectifiers, current limiters, electric contacts, electric collectors, electric conductors, electric connectors, electric controllers, electric inductors, electric power supply systems, distribution boards and branch boxes (electricity), electrical distribution consoles, electrical switchboards and switchboxes; software for persons in charge of troubleshooting and maintenance of programmable controllers, software for cardiac vessel analysis, including heart vessel analysis, also with calculation functions with regard to blood vessels, software for medical patient-monitoring equipment, software for receiving, processing, transmitting and displaying data, software for developing customized programs for asset allocation; software for use on line enabling vendors of office equipment to place orders, to manage portfolios and communicate with the company; software for accessing mortgage and insurance information, software for collecting data concerning vital signs, software for analyzing electrical systems and electronic instruction manuals sold as a unit therewith, software for employees of financial institutions used for assessing customers' financial investments and processing the sale of the identified investments, software for obtaining information on the risk of flooding with regard to real property, software for developing graphic user interfaces and displaying data, software for calculating mortgage payments, software for controlling and managing vehicle fleet maintenance services, software for using and accessing commercial computer services, software used by clients to obtain information regarding lease portfolios, software for a radiology information system for radiologists and radiology departments, software for managing databases containing information on employees and patients for archiving purposes and patient monitoring, software installed on and used with PCs and medical monitoring equipment for graphic user interfaces, software for sending encrypted and compressed data to radio-paging (transport) systems, software for providing access to web sites so that buyers and sellers can carry out business transactions by electronic means, and software for subterranean navigation, namely navigation of the assembly of a depth probe for oil drilling and drilling assemblies so as toroute subterranean installations; electronic, nuclear, industrial and laboratory, testing, measuring, calculating and monitoring instruments and apparatus; electrical products, electricity production and distribution products and voltage surge protection products, namely lightning conductors, armored rods; condensers (capacitors); switches for lighting; input/output controls and devices; fuses; controls for lighting; switch boxes, LEDs, namely light-emitting diodes,voltage regulators for electric power, voltage surge protectors, voltage surge limiters, voltmeters, electrical circuit boards, relays and timers,solenoids and limit switches, manual full-voltage starters, reduced-voltage starters, electric switches and disconnecting switches, splitters for circuit boards and pumping panels, circuit breakers and disconnecting switches, transformers, electric circuit and electric lighting boards, electric wires, cables, cords and conductors, electric wiring and accessories, lightning conductors, electricity meters, wattmeters, grounding resistances, humidity and temperature sensors; industrial calibration sensors, push buttons, engine and motor control centers and their electric controls and voltage regulators included in this class; computer programs and software for medical use, industrial use and for research; electrophoresis apparatus; chromatography columns and pumps; apparatus for particle or laser rays microfabrication; apparatus for bio-informatics systems; scintillation apparatus; imaging apparatus for radioactive and luminescent emissions; integrated synthesisand purification systems; oligonucleotide-producing apparatus ; optical laser systems for digital imaging; glassware for laboratories; vials and micro-vials; microtiter plates; software for managing hospital operating rooms; software for intensive care information management; software for industrial operation control; software and manuals therefor sold as unit forfactory management; graphic interface computer programs for controlling machines in industrial automation applications; software for creating graphic presentations and editing dynamic data interfaces for real-time graphic applications for industrial and commercial use; communication software for connecting computer network users; software for plastic injection molding; software for controlling, monitoring, simulating, communicating, recording and collecting data and for factory automation; software for integration of manufacturing machine operations, process control, supply of data for displaying, problem monitoring and production report generation; software packages for operating and programming grinders in the manufacturing industry; computer hardware for monitoring industrial processes, namely computer monitors; portable computers, Ethernet cards and cables; computer networking hardware, memory cards; microchips; microprocessors; computer network hubs, switches and routers, computer accessories, displaying devices and terminals; computer whiteboards; processors and system cards; call controllers, operator interfaces, reference interfaces and data collectors; applications for manufacture and control, namely for statistical process control, data collection, direct digital control; document management systems; digital signal processing products and systems, namely, industrial automation controls and programmable logic controllers; adaptive control product in the form of an external controller for optimizing rough and semi-rough cutting performance of machine tools; distributed and remote input/output equipment, input/output modules, interface modules, electricity supplies and assembly equipment; anti-theft and burglar alarm systems; security devices, namely logic programming computers, control panels, electronic burglar detectors, electronic glass-breakage detectors, electronic vibration detectors, magnetic contacts for security systems, electronic switch plates, electronic motion detectors for alarm systems, electronic motion-sensitive switches, fixed connection sirens, audio loudspeakers, electronic navigation systems, access control and alarm monitoring systems; fire, heat and smoke alarms and detectors; computer cards access controlsystems; card readers, card encoders and encoded cards for card-operated access control systems; video cameras; video devices for object recognition; video devices for object tracking; video devices for reading license plates; video devices for checking alarms; video devices for facial recognition; video devices for vehicle recognition; video devices for traffic detection; video devices for access door control; video devices for burglar detection; processing hardware or software used for analyzing digital video images for automatically extracting, recording and reporting information automatically, and remote video monitoringsystems for security and surveillance applications; central video monitors; video recorders; apparatus for shooting and filming; closed-circuit video systems; closed-circuit video systems consisting of one or several cameras and camera housings; wireless, short-range and radiofrequency transceivers; transceivers for electrical lines; communication monitoring equipment for operating closed-circuit cameras; communication monitoring equipment, namely numeric-pad controls, matrix switching devices, multiplexers, digital video recorders, integrated swinging panoramic zoom domes, remote video controllers, receivers, electronic alarms, triggers and management controls and video transmission devices sold separately or as parts of a closed-circuit camera operating system; personal digital assistants (PDAs) configured for use by real estate professionals; communication interfacing devices for personal digital assistants (PDAs); fiber-optic transmission systems, namely fiber-optic transmitters, receivers and transceivers for transmission of video signals, audio signals and data via optical fibers; electric switches; electromechanical locking devices; magnetic cards for locks, access control, presence control, alarms and security systems; portable electronic hardware for reception, control, storage, handling, display and transmission of data and for actuating electronic locks; electronic access cards and readers and encoders thereof; magnetic access cards and readers and encoders thereof; memory access cards and readers and encoders thereof; proximity cards and readers and encoders thereof; electronic keys and readers and encoders thereof; barcode access cards and readers, encoders and laminators thereof; access keypads; radio-frequency tracking tags; tracking and control systems consisting of one or several radio-frequency beacons, detectorsand transceivers for determining and checking the location and movements of tangible assets, stocks and individuals; infrared sensors; computer hardware and software for managing infrastructures and monitoring systems for accessing infrastructures and components thereof, namely control boards, access card readers and video imaging, video surveillance, digital hard disk recording, network transmission and remote access equipment and systems; networked digital video storage servers, applications for surveillance and access control, alarm and security monitoring, computer software and hardware for monitoring and operating access and security systems comprising locking systems, doors, access and identification devices and security cases in the form of boxes for securing keys; surveillance systems sold separately or as components or in the form of sets such as systems comprising one or several surveillance cameras, hidden cameras, closed-circuit television cameras, camera housings, camera stands, lenses, video monitors, video recorders, digital recorders, video recording media, video switches, control panels, numerical pad controls, joysticks, interface apparatus for alarms and access control equipment, transceivers, receivers, transmitters, signal processors, multiplexers, matrix switches, controls, control panel casings, switch housings, transformers, switches, splitters, coaxial cables, connectors, motion detectors, microphones and loudspeakers; user interface software and control software for management of access, security and fire-extinguishing systems; electric locks; portable electronic communication and computer equipment for data reception, control, storage, handling, display and transmission for operating electronic locking devices; electronic key holders, readers and encoders; data processing computer software and hardware; electric power supplies, namely batteries, rectifiers/regulators of current/voltage and transformers; control panels, namely electronic apparatus designed for electronically monitoring a predefined activity and for activating an anti-theft alarm; loudspeakers for sirens and electronic siren controls, namely ringer tone generators and amplifiers for sirens; software for controlling communication equipment for operating and controlling closed-circuit cameras; switching devices integrating magnetically triggered blade switches for anti-theft alarm systems and fire alarm systems, in industrial tracking apparatus, revolution counters, security lock systems for equipment cabinets, industrial position-monitoring apparatus, electric cables and pump and valve monitoring apparatus and home security alarm systems; electric and electronic checking apparatus for detecting the presence of certain substances on individuals, in luggage and freight; electric and electronic checking apparatus for detecting the presence of explosives and/or narcotics on individuals, in luggage and freight; apparatus for detecting the presence of explosives and other contraband; timers or sensitive apparatus for detecting changes in conditions for launching and monitoring regeneration or washing cycles for water treatment equipment; control valves for watertreatment and filtering equipment; bioreactors for cell culture; portable analysis instruments, namely a probe with a recorder for data conversion equipped with microprocessors for measuring organic and inorganic products in water; filters and filter housings for laboratories; membrane filters for laboratories; silt density measuring devices; deionization devices for laboratories, filters and filter housings for laboratories; liquid separating apparatus for laboratories; membranes for laboratories; liquid flow control devices, namely pumps, valves, flowmeters and regulators for laboratories; ozone monitoring instruments; laboratory equipment, namely porous titration microplates for cellular biology and other applications in life sciences; electronic controls for water treatment and processes, namely apparatus for treatment of industrial and commercial water supply systems, boiler water systems, water cooling systems, cooling water systems and closed water-supply systems, systems for paper and pulp treatment, fuel treatment systems and metal treatment systems for analyzingthe chemistry of the system, determining theproper treatment program, applying the desired treatment and monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment; data management software in the field of paper, pulp and water treatment; electronic controls for data processing in the field of paper, pulp and water treatment; apparatus for industrial water-supply systems for measuring and checking pH and conductivity; apparatus for supplying an industrial, commercial or municipal water supply system with measured quantities of chemicals; electronic testing apparatus for water treatment; laboratory testing equipment, namely apparatus for testing deposit levels and corrosion speed; mobile laboratory equipped with equipment and instruments for measuring and monitoring pH, conductivity and concentration of chromate in domestic and industrial waters, for carrying out inorganic and microbiological water testing; electronic and electrochemical products, namely fuel cells; apparatus for converting photo-electric radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic solar modules, hybrid photovoltaic solar modules, electronic sensors for measuring solar radiation, photo-cells; apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electric energy, namely photovoltaic solar modules, systems and components and all related system components; printers, laser printers, ink-jet printers, multi-function and multi-purpose printers, parts of all the aforesaid goods; portable electronic devices for wireless reception and/or transmission of data, enabling users to store or manage personal information and to transmit and receive voice, video and image communications; software for synchronization of data between a remote unit or station and a fixed unit or station, and software providing a one-way and/or two-way wireless connection to data; portable digital electronic apparatus and software related thereto; portable electronic devices for wireless data reception and/or transmission; software for re-orientation of messages, electronic mail and/or other data from a personal computer or a server towards one or several portable electronic devices; computer software and programs for wireless device operation and management; telecommunication devices; software for accessing, searching, indexing and retrieving information and data from global computer networks and global communication networks, and for navigation on the aforesaid networks websites; software for sending and receiving short messages and electronic mail and for filtering non-text information from data; portable electronic devices for voice, video, data and image communications; computer game software for mobile telephone receivers; electronic game software for mobile telephone receivers; software packages; batteries, dry cells and batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, storage batteries, solar cells and batteries, fuel cells; carbon electrodes for dry batteries, wiring apparatus, connectors (electric), electric cables, electric ducts, floor ducts specially designed for housing electric cables, ballast (for discharge lamps), under carpet wiring systems, code lighting-switches, circuit breakers, magnetic contactors and starter switches, circuit protectors, switching devices, electric connecting boxes, device switches, output jacks, plugs (electric), insulating materials, electric timers, other wiring devices; signaling apparatus and instruments, video intercoms, intercom systems, electric door chimes, intercoms, fire alarms, gas-leak alarms, anti-theft alarms, portable emergency intercoms; acoustic machines and apparatus, radios, tape recorders/players, radio cassette recorders, portable tape players, compact disc recorders/players, minidisc recorders/players, minidisc decks consoles, DVD (digital versatile disc) audio recorders/players, secured digital recorders/players, secured digital cards, loudspeakers, tuners, amplifiers, stereo component systems, disc readers, graphic equalizers, alarm clocks, integrated circuit recorders, digital audio processing devices, earphones, headphones, microphones, cassette recorders/players, software for compact discs (prerecorded), electric megaphones, language laboratories, audio systems for cars, public address systems, audio mixers, audio equipment cleaning equipment, namely magnetic head cleaning equipment; audio cables, video cables, other audio machines; audiovisual machines and apparatus, television sets, cathode ray tube display devices, cathode ray tubes, image pick-up tubes, plasma television sets, plasma displays, LCD (liquid crystal display) television sets, liquid crystal display monitors, television sets combined with video tape recorders, television sets combined with disc players, antennas, tuners for satellite broadcasting, television tuners, Internet terminals, video projectors, video cassette recorders, camcorders, video cameras, video printers, laser disc players, video CD (compact disc) players, software for video CD (compact disc), video recorders/players for DVDs, color video systems for large-scale display, cable television systems, hard disk units, video imaging devices, electric optical display boards, multi-purpose electric display systems, closed-circuit video equipment systems, software for DVDs, television cameras, video switches, non-linear editing systems, editing controllers, DVD creation systems, light emitting diodes (LED) displays, other audiovisual machines; optical disc machines and apparatus; optical disc units, optical disc recorders, optical disc players, optical disc changers, optical disc cartridges, optical disc recording systems; communication apparatus and machines, facsimile transceivers, transceivers, telephones, cellular mobile telephones, cases for cellular mobile telephones, telephone answering machines, private auto-switch systems, global positioning system receivers, radiotelephones, marine radars, radio-paging receivers, mobile communication systems, multi-channel access radio systems, electric panels for traffic information, videoconferencing systems, private portable telephone systems, local network systems, AV codecs (coder-decoders), navigation systems for cars (road guidance systems), electronic systems for road toll collection, GPS (global positioning system) antennas; checking (supervision) apparatus and instruments, communication and surveillance systems for apartment buildings, intruder detection systems, automated systems for surveillance and control of functionswithin buildings, electric multi-layer security apparatus; automatic control machines and instruments, electric distribution boards, road signal control apparatus, buslocation systems, ultrasound vehicle detectors, information and telecommunication networks for road traffic management, light dimmers, light switches, inverters, programmable control systems, transformers, cabinets, domestic electricity production systems, power capacitors; data processing equipment; computers and computer peripherals, word processors, software (recorded), image scanners for personal computers, printers, PC (personal computer) cards, computer keyboards, mouse(data processing equipment), CD-ROM (compact disc-read only memory) units, diskette units, card reading/writing systems, barcode readers, time recorders, portable data terminals, point-of-sale systems, data collection terminals, personal digital assistants (PDAs), DVD-RAM/ROM (digital versatile disc-random access memory / read only memory) units, CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) systems, hard disk units, electronic calculators,uninterrupted power supplies for computers / communication / broadcasting; external storage devices, video cassettes, cleaning heads, D-VHS (video data home systems), other computer peripherals; video tapes, audio cassettes, diskettes, optical discs, mini-discs, DVDs (digital versatile discs), integrated circuit memory cards; weighing and measuring apparatus and instruments, thermoluminescent dosimetry systems, portable x-ray dosimeters, electronic meters, ammeters, electricity consumption meters, grip measuring devices, electric apparatus for measuring leakance, electric insulation meters, thermometers, measuring system processors, electric multi-circuit sector voltage monitors, micro-precision measuring devices, body fat monitors, pacers, audio/video analyzers, oscilloscopes, modulators, voltmeters, distortion meters, other measuring apparatus; sensors, light-sensitive sensors, thermometric sensors, position sensors, angular velocity sensors, rotation sensors, angle sensors, dew point sensors, other sensors; electric components, light emitting diodes, liquid crystals, liquid crystal display modules, magnetrons, diodes, transistors, thermostats, integrated circuits, semi-conductor storage devices, one chip micro-computers, electric condenser, microphones cartridge, gray-scale image processors, thermal printing heads, magnetic heads, permanent magnets, connectors, relays, display components, semi-conductor lasers, charge coupling devices (CCD device), image detectors, film capacitors, over-oxygenation membrane units, electric tuner units, high-frequency units, coin validation units, note validation units, magnetic card reading/writing devices, voltage-controlled oscillators, phase-locking circuit synthesizing modules, wireless communication module units, optical transmission components, printed wiring boards, loudspeaker components, electricity supplies, AC (alternating current) adaptors, focusing magnets, inductors (coils), capacitors for electric apparatus, electric signal filters, transformers, deflection coils, thermistors, varistors, piezoelectric ceramic components, acoustic-optical components, resistances, potentiometers, encoders, printing units, hybrid integrated circuits, switching components, heat-welding wiring boards, transparent touch panels, electroluminescent components, remote control units, magnetic resistance elements, thermal disconnects; data processing equipment, in particular for financial applications; operating system programs; computer hardware and software, in particular for local and wide-range computer networks development, maintenance and use; systems for reading memory cards and systems for reading stored data including integrated circuit memories and bank card memories; automatic ticket dispensers; accounting machines; encoded cards, including magnetic cards and integrated circuit cards, in particular for financial applications; card readers, printing apparatus, including printing apparatus for data processing systems and financial transaction systems; machines for banking institutions; encoders and decoders; modems; encoded magnetic cards,electronic data carrier cards, encoded magnetic cardsreaders, electronic data cards reader, electronic encryption systems, computer hardware, computer terminals, software used in financial services, in the banking and telecommunication industries; electric and electronic products, namely calculating machines, pocket planners, alarms; bank cards, including printed bank cards and bank cards with magnetic memory and with integrated circuit memory; bank cards, credit cards, debit cards, including such cards equipped with integrated circuits and microprocessors; memory cards (smart cards); automated teller machines (ATMs); data processing equipment and computers including cards equipped with microprocessors and integrated circuits; computer hardware in the form of integrated circuit cards and card readers containing transponders and other proximity payment devices; mouse pads; machines and machine systems, including parts and accessories for transmission, distribution and control of electricity; induction devices, electrical displacement devices, electricity control and regulation devices, electricity measuring instruments, electrical protection devices, switchboards, switchboard apparatus, wiring devices and supplies; liquid control devices, namely, flowmeters, manostats, sequential timers, electric switches and controls; electric devices for killing insects, audio amplifiers for keyboards, external memories for musical instruments; systems for managing data and preserving archives in the field of anesthesia.
Klasse(n) 14: Precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith, not included in other classes, in particular commemorative coins and medals; jewelry, precious stones; pins; horological and chronometric instruments; key rings.
Klasse(n) 16: Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; printed matter, in particular stamps; newspapers, periodicals, books, photographs and posters; bookbinding material; stationery; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional or teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); printers' type; printing blocks; computer printouts; chequebooks, punched cards; newspapers and periodicals in the field of information technology; paper shredders, electric staplers, battery-powered letter openers, electric pencil sharpeners, electric perforators, electronic typewriters, ribbon cartridges for electronic typewriters, apparatus for printing cheques, thermal paper.
Klasse(n) 25: Clothing, footwear, headgear; clothing and footwear for leisure activities, clothing and footwear for sports, all the aforesaid goods pour women, men and children.
Klasse(n) 28: Games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; decorations for Christmas trees; playing cards; electric floats for fishing, apparatus for tying fishing lines to hooks, electronic apparatus for practicing golf, wax applicators for skis, stationary exercise bicycles and rollers.
Klasse(n) 35: Advertising; dissemination advertising matter via all media, in particular in the form of thematic messagescentered on human values; advertising by sponsoring; business management; business administration; office functions; promoting the goods and services of others, by means of contractual agreements, in particularsponsoring and licensing agreements,enablingthem to gain additional notoriety and/or enhanced image and/or a surge of sympathy derived from the notoriety and/or enhanced image resulting from cultural and sporting events, in particular international events, and/or a surge of sympathy generated by the above; promoting the goods and services of others by means of what is referred to as the initial interest factor leading the public to consider, among a multitude of competitors, goods or services presented to the public bearing signs, emblems or messages able to capture its attention; promoting the goods and services of others by means of the so-called image transfer; rental of advertising space of all type and on all media, whether digital or not; business administration of the participation of national teams to an international athletic competition, and promoting the support to said teams with the public and the concerned circles; inventory management services; consultation relating to stock monitoring services; advertising by means of direct marketing for others consisting in marketing of databases; consultation for advertising by means of direct marketing for others consisting in marketing of databases; consultation services in connection with business reorganization; truck and automobile fleet management services, namely billing andconsultingin connection with the administrative management of truck and automobile fleets; business administration consultancy; administrative management of power plants of others; businessconsultation in connection with the management of power plants, commercial services, namely administration of contracts for repair and servicing, supply chain management services andconsulting services relating to the purchase and supply of chemical services and products, supply management and product inventory, limitation of costs; consulting, marketing, analysis of prices and costs concerning devices for electrochemical purification of liquids for industrial use; administrative, commercial and technical management of computer files; data input and processing services; retail sale of electric and electronic machines and apparatus ( the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of a range of goods so as to enable customers to view and purchase said goods at their convenience in a retail store carrying electrical goods), information concerning the sale of raw materials, commercial information, commercial information agencies, rental of photocopiers; retail sale of clothing and footwear; promoting the sale of goods and services of others including by means of advertisements, promotional competitions, awarding of prizes and bonuses in the form of promotional lotteries, discounts, reduction tokens and value-added offers in connection with the use of payment cards; promoting sporting competitions and events for use by others; promoting concerts and cultural events for others, organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; provision of documentation, namely direct mail advertising, distribution of advertising material, distribution of samples, reproduction of documents; advertising concerning the promotion of commercial sales of goods and services for retail sale purposes; provision of information in connection with e-commerce and electronic retail sale; provision of information concerning the purchase of goods and services on line via the Internet and other computer networks; tourist documentation services, namely advertising concerning transport, travel, hotels, accommodation, food and meals, sports, entertainment and sightseeing tours, tourist agency services; maintenance of computerized databases.
Klasse(n) 41: Educational services; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities, televised sporting and cultural entertainment; organization of exhibitions for cultural and educational purposes; organization of lotteries and competitions; betting and gambling services in connection with or relating to sports; entertainment services provided during sporting events or concerning sporting events; organization of sporting and cultural events and activities; organization of real or virtual sporting competitions; management of sports facilities; rental of audio and video equipment, production of films, other than advertising films; production of sound and video recordings; presentation and distribution of films and of sound and video recordings; rental of films and of sound and video recordings; rental and/or provision via a computer network of interactive education and entertainment products, namely interactive compact discs, CD-ROMs, computer games; entertainment, namely presentation of interactive education and entertainment products, namely interactive compact discs, CD-ROMs, computer games; radio and television coverage of sporting events; production of television and radio programs and of videotapes; production of cartoons; production ofanimated programs for television; reservation of tickets for sporting events and shows; timing of sports events; organization of beauty contests; interactive entertainment; on-line betting services; provision of games on the Internet; provision of raffle services; information concerning entertainment or education, provided on line from a data bank or the Internet; electronic game services provided by means of the Internet; providing on line electronic publications; publication of books, magazines, texts (other than publicity texts) and periodicals; on line publication of electronic books, magazines, texts (other than publicity texts) and periodicals; provision of digital music from the Internet; provision of digital music from MP3 web sites; provision of sporting results; information services concerning sports and sporting events; rental of recorded sounds and images; audio production services; information services concerning sporting events provided on line from a computer database or the Internet; editing and publishing services; provision of digital music (non-downloadable); offering digital music by means of telecommunications; publication of statistics regarding sporting results and audience ratings for sporting competitions; training in the use and operation of systems for signaling and notification of crossings for the railway and transit industries; education services in the field of medical imaging and diagnosis, namely conducting of seminars, conferences, symposiums or workshops concerning the pharmaceutical industry, intended for medicalpractitioners and employees of pharmaceutical companies; education services, namely conducting of seminars, conferences, symposiums or workshops in the field of life sciences and biotechnology for scientists and researchers; conducting of seminars on problems in connection with industrial water treatment; training services in all the aforesaid fields; training services in the field of management and medicine by means of the use of instructions and demonstrations provided on line, via the Internet, intranets and extranets; education services, namely conducting of practical training workshops, courses and seminars including demonstrations in the field of medicine and management; design, conducting and hosting of courses, seminars and all training activities in the field of information technology; organization and performance of concerts; booking of seats for shows; movie presentations; entertainment information; film production; show production; theater production services; operation of golf facilities; health club services (fitness training); sports camp services; presentation of live performances; film projection; organization of shows (impresario services); holiday camp services [entertainment]; movie studios; news reporter services; provision of on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; music hall services; education services, namely conducting of courses, seminars, presentations, video presentations; provision of educational material, namely dissemination of material in the field of financial knowledge; education services in the field of tourism; information services in the field of tourism, namely information services regarding reservation of tickets for recreational events; information services in the field of tourism, namely information services regarding entertainment; information services in the field of tourism, namely information services regarding planned sporting, cultural and recreational activities; services in connection with entertainment for tourist assistance; tourist reservation services, namely activity and entertainment reservation services; assistance services for tourists concerning reservation of tickets for recreational events; assistance services for tourists concerning planned sporting, cultural and recreational activities.
511Klasse(n)KL09, 14, 16, 25, 28, 35, 41
832Benennungen unter dem Madrider Protokoll EM, JP, KR
834Benennungen unter dem Madrider Protokoll gemäß Artikel 9 sexies CN, RU
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