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Register number 909546 (File destroyed, Query started Oct 2, 2023)

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Master data
 Data fileDBDE
111Register numberRN909546
210Old file numberAKZG21520
540Reproduction of the markMDGeha-Ultra Pen
550Type of markMFWord/figurative mark
551Kind of markMKIndividual mark
220Application dateATApr 21, 1972
442Date of publication under former trade mark lawBTMar 15, 1973
151Date of entry into the registerETSep 10, 1973
156Extension of protectionVBDApr 22, 2002
730ProprietorINHPelikan Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, 30163 Hannover, DE
750Address for serviceZANPelikan Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG -Rechtsabteilung-, Postfach 110755, 30102 Hannover
 Class(es) of figurative elementsWBK27.05
141Date of cancellationLOEDMay 1, 2012
 Status of fileASTFile destroyed
180Date of expiry of term of protectionVEDApr 30, 2012
450Date of publication of the registrationVTOct 31, 1973
 Start of opposition periodBWTOct 31, 1973
 End of opposition periodEWTJan 31, 1974
510Goods/servicesWDVClass(es) 16:
Schreib-, Zeichen- und Malwaren
 Date of the first transfer into DPMAregisterEREGTOct 1, 2012
 Date of the (most recent) update in DPMAregisterREGTNov 17, 2019
(Show all update days)(Hide all update days)Oct 1, 2012; Jan 8, 2013; Sep 2, 2019; Nov 17, 2019
Procedural data
No. Kind of procedure Legal status Date of capture in the IT system Date of capture in the IT system  sorted ascending Publication date Display all details
1 Application procedure Trade mark registered Sep 10, 1973  Display details
2 Opposition proceedings Trade mark not cancelled Sep 10, 1973  Display details
3 Recording of changes - Change of name/legal form/address Recording of changes completed Oct 27, 1997  Display details
4 Recording of changes - Legal transfer Recording of changes completed Mar 1, 1999  Display details
5 Extension Period of trade mark protection extended May 21, 2002  Display details
6 Cancellation request of proprietor Trade mark cancelled Jan 8, 2013 Feb 8, 2013 Display details