Information on a trade mark application

File number 302620656 (File destroyed, Query started Apr 15, 2024)

Please note: This English version is a non-binding translation of the German register excerpt. Only the German version of the register excerpt is legally binding.

Master data
 Data fileDBDE
210File numberAKZ302620656
540Reproduction of the markMDGimp
550Type of markMFWord mark
551Kind of markMKIndividual mark
220Application dateATDec 18, 2002
511Class(es)KL9, 38, 42
 Status of fileASTFile destroyed
 Legal status of the applicationVSTAVApplication refused
 Ground for refusal of protection Descriptive indication (to be kept free for general use) or devoid of any distinctive character (Sec. 8(2) No. 1 and 2)
510Goods/servicesWDVComputersoftware; Bereitstellen von Portalen im Internet
 Date of the first transfer into DPMAregisterEREGTOct 20, 2012
 Date of the (most recent) update in DPMAregisterREGTNov 20, 2019
(Show all update days)(Hide all update days)Oct 20, 2012; Sep 4, 2018; Nov 20, 2019