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Design number: 402017202973-0003 (Design registered, Query started:  February 24, 2024)

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Reproductions of the design


Class(es): 10-02
Master data
19Data fileDBDE
 Data poolBAActive
 Design numberDNR402017202973-0003
21File numberAKZ402017202973.5
11Register numberRN402017202973
 Design statusDSTDesign registered
 Defermant statusAUFNo deferment
22Application dateATSep 7, 2017
15Date of registrationETDec 18, 2017
 Publication dateVTJan 12, 2018
 Version of class 11
 Number of reproductionsZD1
73OwnerINHinodyn NewMedia GmbH Software und Elektronik, 69151 Neckargemünd, DE
 Address for serviceZANinodyn NewMedia GmbH
Software und Elektronik
Saarstr. 73
69151 Neckargemünd
 Interest to grant licencesLIZYes
 Term of protection obtainedBSD10 years
 Payment due onFTSep 30, 2027 Fees for design protection
 Payment deadline Mar 31, 2028
 Date of capture in the IT systemEDVTNov 22, 2022
 Date of the first transfer into DPMAregisterEREGTDec 19, 2017
 Date of the (most recent) update in DPMAregisterREGTNov 23, 2022
(Show all update days)(Hide all update days)Dec 19, 2017; Jan 12, 2018; Jul 12, 2018; Nov 23, 2022
Procedural data
No. Kind of procedure Legal status Date of capture in the IT system Date of capture in the IT system  sorted ascending Publication date Display all details
1 Registration The design has been registered 18.12.2017 12.01.2018 Display details
2 Renewal Renewal for the 6th to 10th year 22.11.2022 16.12.2022 Display details