Designblatt (Designs Gazette)

Designblatt (Designs Gazette) No. 21 dated May 26, 2023

FileDescriptionFile size
Entire document All parts 21080 kB
Part 1a Registered industrial designs 14378 kB
Part 1bSubsequent publication of representations of industrial designs 1809 kB
Part 1cOverview of registered designs, relating to parts 1a and 1b 42 kB
Part 1dMaintenance of protection 44 kB
Part 1eCancellations 45 kB
Part 1fMiscellaneous 57 kB
Part 1gOverview of designs, relating to parts 1d, 1e, 1f 39 kB
Part 2Type faces 43 kB
Part 3Former GDR industrial designs 41 kB