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DPMAregister - Official Publications and Register Database

The DPMAregister service provides the publications, required by law, on patents, trade marks, utility models and designs to you as well as the register data. Our service comprises the search for legal/procedural status information as well as the corresponding publication data.

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In addition, you can use an e-mail notification service about new register or publication events via DPMAkurier.

What's new


The individual DPMAkurier supply service now has a new user interface.
After opening DPMAregister and selecting the navigation item DPMAkurier, the login page can be opened via the sub-item "Monitoring overview".
Once you have signed in to or registered with DPMAkurier, a screen will appear in which you can enter the monitoring data.
Use the dropdown menus to select the type of IP right (patents, trade marks, designs) and the monitoring type (for example, monitoring by IPC symbol). As usual, you can enter a short name for your monitoring request, select the delivery frequency and define the monitoring type.
The monitoring requests defined by you are clearly displayed in a single, sortable list. From this list, you can delete or edit monitoring requests.
There is no longer any (formerly applicable) limitation to the number of monitoring requests.

Smart search in DPMAregister

From now on, DPMAregister offers a smart search. The corresponding search field is located at the top right edge of the screen. After entering your search term, all IP rights are searched and the results are then displayed separately in different tabs.

New features for settings in DPMAkurier

In DPMAkurier you can choose a special notification event for your search within the IP rights patents and utility models, supplementary protection certificates and topographies in the setting "Legal (including procedural) status monitoring of patents and utility models by file number / publication number". In the "Notification event" field, a drop-down list will open where you can select the different changes or procedures. Consequently, in future, you will only receive an e-mail for the selected events.

Further information is available under the heading "What's new" in the section "Service".

Important information on the trade mark and design search:

The DPMA does not warrant the correctness and completeness of Union trade mark (EM) and international registrations of marks (IR) effective in Germany or the European Union or of community designs (EM).

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Notice for applicants and searchers

Here you will find a guide on how to perform searches for trade marks and designs

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