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Welcome to DPMAregister

DPMAregister is a service provided to you by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA). It allows you to search DPMA publications relating to patents/utility models, trade marks and designs online.

Features of use and search options

DPMAregister has a German and an English user interface and provides access to IPR data in two different ways.
You can use several search modes for searches within bibliographic data and legal status information. Furthermore, it is possible to display images of trade marks or designs returned by the search.

Patent Gazette, Trade Mark Journal, Designs Gazette

On the page "Patentblatt" (for patents and utility models), "Markenblatt" (for trade marks) and "Designblatt" (for designs), the PDF issues provided to you have the known layout of the former printed paper versions.
You can choose between download or display of a complete issue of "Patentblatt" (patent gazette), "Markenblatt" (trade mark journal) or "Designblatt" (designs gazette) of a certain publication week or individual parts of the issue relevant for you, corresponding to the previous printed publications.

Extracts from the register

DPMAregister is the official Internet portal established by the DPMA to fulfil its statutory obligation to keep a register.
The option to directly print out an official register extract enables you to produce an uncertified register extract of a specific publication by yourself. Choose a specific document from the result list by clicking on the underlined register number. This will open the page "Register information". Click on the "PDF download" button at the bottom of this page.

The register extracts are produced in German only - even if you use the English interface.

You can obtain a certified register extract from the DPMA by filing a written request and payment of a fee of 20 EURO (fee number 301 100 according to the Ordinance Concerning Administrative Costs at the DPMA).
In some cases, for example, for certain court proceedings, a certified register extract is required.


The DPMAregister online service is free of charge.

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