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DPMAkurier (supply services)

DPMAkurier is an individual supply service sending out automated messages via e-mail. This service is provided free of charge and available upon first-time registration and submission of a valid e-mail address.

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) has established this service for individual inventors and small and medium enterprises, in particular, to help them get started with regular IPR watches and easy monitoring of selected IP titles.

The "Overview supply services" page, opened after a successful login to DPMAkurier, provides access to the following options:

The date from which an IP right or IP application can be monitored is not same for all types of IP rights:

Type of IP right  Monitoring as from ... 
Patents  date of first publication of an application 
Protection certificates
(in the patents / utility models module)  
date of publication of an application 
Utility models   date of registration  
(in the patents / utility models module) 
date of registration  
Trade marks  date of application*  
Designs  date of registration  

* The retrieval is controlled via the day of the first transfer into DPMAregister (EREGT). A few days may elapse between the application date and the date of transfer into the register.

The DPMAkurier service offers the following options:

Important information:
In DPMAregister, the fields "Applicant/Owner" and "Inventor" of EP applications up to the EP patent grant and of WO applications designating Germany up to the beginning of the national or regional phase are not filled with data, for quality reasons; that is why you will only obtain national IP rights information.

At the earliest possible monitoring date (see table above), you will get messages about IP rights or IP applications filed or owned by persons or companies whose civil name or company name you have submitted.
You will get only one message per IP right or IP application within the scope of this monitoring scheme. You will not get further messages if changes occur subsequently. If you require information on changes in relation to a specific IP right/application, you should carry out searches (Basic or Expert search) or use the legal status monitoring option provided by DPMAkurier (see first item).
The below table lists the criteria that you can submit to DPMAkurier for monitoring purposes.

You can submit different monitoring criteria to DPMAkurier, depending on the type of IP right.
The below table shows (in brackets) the maximum number of input options per criterion.

  Legal (procedural) status  Classification  Name/company 
Utility models
File number or publication number
Main group or sub-group of the International Patent Classification (IPC)
Applicant or owner or inventor
Trade marks  File number or register number
Class of goods/services of the Nice Classification
Designs  File number or design number
Class of goods of the Locarno Classification

Monitoring frequency

You will get e-mail messages from DPMAkurier according to the chosen monitoring frequency.
Under the individual delivery frequency options DPMAkurier e-mail messages are sent out as follows:

Every day, an e-mail is sent out for each type of monitoring. The monitored period is the day before (preceding calendar day).

An e-mail is sent out every week for each type of monitoring on a specific weekday - as a rule on Monday. The monitored period is the previous calendar week.

Under the monthly delivery option, e-mails are sent out on a specific day of the month - as a rule on the first of the month. Under this option, too, an e-mail is sent out for each type of monitoring, containing the monitoring results. The monitored period is the previous calendar month.

In addition, an "Inactive" option is available. It allows you to deactivate individual monitoring requests. Records marked "inactive" will not be monitored and not be included in the DPMAkurier e-mails.
Deactivated records will be kept in the input form until you fully delete them in the system.
Please note that deactivated records are counted towards the total of monitoring items submitted.

Since there are three types of monitoring, maximum three e-mails (depending on delivery schedule) per type of intellectual property right.

Results of monitoring

On the "Preferences" page you can specify under "Further options" whether you wish to receive an e-mail even if the database query has not returned any results in the respective time period. You can choose whether you wish to receive e-mails informing you that "no change" occurred or "no new records [were] found" to confirm that the monitoring service is active.

Receipt of automated messages

The e-mails will always be in the language (English or German) that you have chosen on the registration form.
They contain, for each monitored item, a link to the result list of the national IP rights/ applications returned. This result list corresponds to the list obtained by a standard search within DPMAregister, but is limited to the chosen monitoring period.
The customary display options provided in DPMAregister are available (original data, JPEG images, etc.). The displayed columns of the result list correspond to those of your last "standard" search session within DPMAregister.

The e-mail messages contain a link to the user registration form, where you can edit user data ("Change preferences"), and a link to the input form of the respective type of monitoring ("Change monitoring / unsubscribe from supply services").
The mentioned links branch to the relevant pages in the language chosen on the user registration form.

Every e-mail contains the list of monitored items, specifying the file/register number or classification symbol or name and your reference, if provided.

For each file number submitted for legal status monitoring it will be indicated whether a change has occurred: "A legal status change has occurred" or "No change".

Obviously, monitoring results by classification symbols or names cannot relate to changes - in this case, all new results found in relation to the monitoring request will be listed: "New records found" or "No new records found".

The list of legal status changes captured is identical to the list available via searches within DPMAregister. The complete overview is available on the Expert search form in the "Legal status information" drop-down menu.

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