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Subscription to Patentblatt (Patent Gazette)
Subscription to Markenblatt (Trade Mark Journal)
Subscription to Geschmacksmusterblatt (Designs Gazette)

Subscribers will regularly receive the official publications of the DPMA in a Link via e-mail.

On the "Overview supply services" page, opened after a successful login to DPMAkurier, you will find links to

Alternatively, you can choose the desired type of IP on the main navigation bar and access the DPMAkurier subscription page through a link on the start page of the selected type of IP.

On the subscription page you will find a list where you can choose the parts of the journal/gazette that are relevant to you.
The journal/gazette has several parts in a predetermined scope and sequence.
If you select the "Entire document" option, you will receive all parts in a single PDF file.
Configure your subscription and click on "Save changes" to permanently save the details to the system. This will at the same time activate automated supply.

The selected parts of the journal/gazette will be sent to the e-mail address registered under "Preferences", on every publication date.

The Link correspond to the files that you can download on the "Download" page of DPMAregister.

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