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Download of journals

If you want to access a patent gazette (Patentblatt) or trade mark journal (Markenblatt, called "Warenzeichenblatt" until 1994) or a designs gazette (Designblatt), first click on the button of the relevant type of IP in the horizontal navigation bar on the initial page of DPMAregister. On the next page, a link will take you directly to the chosen journal.
The respective journal is available to you in a searchable PDF file.
The contents and layout correspond to the former paper publications regularly issued by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Please note:

Due to the introduction of the electronic case file for trade marks, issues no. 15 to 17/2015 of the Trade Mark Journal (Markenblatt) will probably contain no or only few publications.

See also Notice of the President No. 4/15 (available in German only)

Do you need an extract (copy) of a previous issue of Patentblatt (patent gazette), Markenblatt (trade mark journal) or Designblatt (designs gazette), not available in DPMAregister?

In that case please contact

When you open the "Download" screen, access to the journal of the current publication - depending on the official publication date - will be offered by default. If you require data of earlier publications, select the relevant year and issue from the drop-down lists and click on "Refresh list of weeks / Display issue".

The table provided lists the contents of the journal.
If you wish to download the entire journal in a single PDF file, please select "Entire document" (first line of the table).
If you have selected a journal from a recent year, you can download individual parts of the journal according to your field of interest.

Some lines of the download table might be marked "keine Veröffentlichung" (no publication). This means that there is no entry in the respective part of the journal. Not all listed parts of the journal will contain publications at each publication date.

You can save individual PDF files on your computer. Right-click on the PDF icon in any line of the download table and choose "Ziel speichern unter" ("save target as...").
After downloading, the file is available for further processing.

Alternatively, with a left-click on the PDF icon, the relevant document will be displayed directly in the browser, provided the plugin of your Internet browser allows for the display of PDF files. Usually, the Adobe Reader is used. This program is available free of charge at If the respective program is not configured in your browser, the browser will ask you to indicate a program or, alternatively, offer the option to save the file locally (for example, on a hard drive) without immediately opening it.

If you open the PDF file with the Adobe Reader Plugin, you can use the options provided to save and print the document. Please read the notes and help texts provided for the utilised Plugin version.

Tip for general searches:
If you search for a specific trade mark or for a design (for example, before filing your own application), it is in any case convenient to use the search forms of DPMAregister instead of the trade mark journal (Markenblatt) or designs gazette (Designblatt) (for example, Basic search or Expert search).
For the purpose of searching for a specific invention (state of the art), use the DEPATISnet service instead of the patent gazette (Patentblatt).

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