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Online file inspection

You can use online file inspection to directly view the various parts of a patent file in DPMAregister.
For example, you can view the exact wording of an office action or the reasons relating to an opposition or a contesting reply.
A separate PDF document is available for each individual part of the file.
It is possible to select a number of documents to be combined in one PDF file. After selecting the documents in the left column and clicking on the "Show selection" button, the PDF file will be generated. The documents will be arranged according to their positions in the PDF file.
The generated searchable PDF text file contains bookmarks. Depending on the browser, they will be displayed only if you enable this option manually via the context menu ("Show Navigation Pane Buttons").

You can still file a conventional request for file inspection.
Once they have been provided, the conventionally requested files will also be available electronically in DPMAregister.

For additional information see "Notice No. 12/13 of the President"

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